Camping lac d'Orient
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The beach opposite the campsite

The port at Mesnil Saint-Père

Bird sanctuary

The Orient lake

Just opposite the campsite !

The Orient lake, situated just opposite the campsite, offers holidaymakers, water-sports enthusiasts and nature-lovers a great place to have some fun and relax.

Leisure activities, water-sports and fishing

With motor boats, jet-skis and water skiing prohibited, the lake is wonderfully calm and safe, a beautiful natural environnement for swimming, sailing, canoeing and fishing.

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- Fishing

An exceptional nature reserve

The Orient lake is part of the National Orient Forest Nature Reserve, created in 2002. The reserve covers 3850 acres and encompasses the three major reservoir-lakes of the region : Orient created in 1966, Temple and Amance in 1990.

The reservoirs were created in order to regulate waterflow and eventual flooding of the Seine river, as well as to supply drinking water for the Paris region.

Since the completion of the Temple and Amance reservoirs in 1990 this forest and lake region has developed a complex ecosystem of great bio-diversity and is today classified as National Regional Park.

The lakes, for the most part surrounded by forest, are characterised by numerous islets and peninsulas and constitute an orthinological site of particular interest with respect to both migratory and sedentary species.

The reserve is also home to a wide variety of mammals, amphibians, reptiles and fish species.

For maps and more information on this fabulous lake region please download the PDF document in the column to the right.