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Le Lac de la forêt d'Orient

It was in 1970 that one of the 5 very first Regional Natural Parcs was created here, covering 70.000 hectares and featuring 3 huge lakes (5.000 hectares), located in the heart of superb forests amongst small hills.

The "Lac d'Orient" is the biggest of the 3 lakes with 2.300 hectares on which you can enjoy a wide range of activities from fishing, swimming, windsurfing, boating...ect

Enjoy the superb sandy beach !

The entrance of our campsite is just a few hundred meters from the lake of Orient and around 500 meters from its sandy beach.



There are 3 lakes close to our campsite. The "Lac d'Orient", the "Lac du Temple" and the "Lac Amance". All 3 lakes are particularly wellknown for carp and pike fishing.

You can buy a fishing licence in a category called "Vacances" which will be valid for a week. The closest place were you can buy this licence from is the baker's in Mesnil St Pere, just 1km away from the site.

This "Vacances" fishing licence cost around 30 euros. If you want to fish from a boat you will need an extra stamp on this licence which costs about 20 euros per lake you intend to fish on.

There are special places on which you can also enjoy night carp fishing, these places are detailled on a map supplied at the bakers with your licence. Night carp fishing requires an extra stamp on your licence.

All the information about fishing on the lakes is very much detailed in a brochure, printed by the departmental federation of fishing. This brochure is supplied together with your licence.


Generally Pike fishing is permitted from the first of May until the middle of October. Sander fishing from mid May till mid October, and Carp fishing from 1rst April till mid October.


You can rent a fishing rowing boat on the beach in front of the campsite from the people who rent paddle boats. des loueurs de pédalos. The rental price is around 40 euros per day.


For more information about fishing in the lakes, you can visit the departmental fishing federation website  : or the local fishing association website, who is in charge of the 3 local lakes


If you bring your own fishing boat, there are 10 places in the local harbour of Mesnil St Pere specifically reserved for fishing boats. The price of such an emplacement for your fishing small boat in the harbour is about 15 euros for a week. You can contact the harbour at the contact details given in the next section.


Boating, windsurfing, water sports...

The harbour of Mesnil St Pere is located just 1km away from our campsite. You can leave your boat there during your stay. To reserve a place for your boat and enquire about prices depending on your boat type please contact the harbour at following contact details Tél. : 03 25 41 28 30 Fax : 03 25 41 08 04  email: [email protected]

On the beach just in front of the campsite, a few hundreds of meters away, you will find several paddle boat and windsurf renters. There is also a very professional windsurf school. The sandy beach is very well maintained and supervised in the summer period.


Birdwatchers paradise... 

These beatiful lakes in the middle of a classified Regional Natural Parc are a great place for birdwatching. Thousands of birds have chosen the place during migration times. Since 20 years around 260 different speces have established themselves on the lakes.